Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Isochronic tones have been studied by scientists for years. Countless studies have shown that certain wavelengths of sounds affect our brains in different ways. Isochronic tones are specific frequencies of sounds at certain rhythms.

Researchers have found that theta wave isochronic tones help relax the brain and make it easier to fall asleep quickly. Delta wave isochronic tones help the brain enter into a deep sleep, sometimes called REM sleep. This is sleep that provides the most health benefits.

Isochronic Sound technology is the harnessing of this knowledge. The Banala Alarm Clock plays theta and delta tones at the right times to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Banala is a Tibetan word that means both go to sleep and peaceful. There is nothing more peaceful that good night’s sleep.

BSM stands for Banala Sound Module. This is a proprietary hardware port we developed to allow you to play different isochronic sound modules through your Banala Alarm Clock. The clock works perfectly fine without any sound module expansions. But, we realize that many people like to customize their sleep experience.

That’s why we created the BSM port and five sound module extensions.

Cruise mode allows you to have all the benefits of isochronic sound technology without having to use the alarm to wake up. Cruise mode is perfect for weekends or holidays when you don’t need to wake up at a certain time.

Sometimes you may want to try and fall asleep without any sounds. Neutral mode allows you to still use the alarm, without engaging any of the isochronic tones.

We use AI-sleep technology to play the different theta and delta isochronic tones at just the right time to give you the best sleep experience of your life. We believe a healthy, happy life starts with a great night’s sleep.